Diary of Inhuman Species

Diary of Inhuman Species
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Art.Nr.: Ank-DoIS
Diary of Inhuman Species
- Discover one astonishing Monster a day!!!

Is it a dream? Is it an hallucination? Or could it be extra-sensory perception? Who knows, but what is sure is that Stan sees aliens everywhere! The Diary of Inhuman Species delivers his testimony in the form of hideous portraits. The artist has not stopped drawing feverishly ever since he claims these encounters began, and according to specialists, the most likely explanation is indeed that his extended contact with previously unknown life forms opened Stan's consciousness. Have you too had a close encounter of the fourth kind? If so, maybe you'll recognise your kidnapper in this unique extraterrestrial line up.

Beinhaltet alle Diary Monster zwischen 05.03.07 bis 04.03.08, Sketche, Gäste und mehr !!!

Zustand: Neu
Format: Hardcover (15 x 15 x 3,8 cm) mit Umschlag, 416 Seiten, farbig
ISBN: 978-2-91673-931-1
Erschienen: Januar 2009

Autor: Stan

Verlag: Ankama Editions
Sprache: Deutsch
Genre: Fantasy • Sparte: Comic
Empfohlenes Lesealter: 12+

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